About Me

Hi, my name is Benjamin and this blog is mainly for personal purposes. Expect lots of code snippets, Linux tricks and other stuff :)

I’m a professional C++ developer with a strong focus on educating myself on the ins/outs of Linux, C++, Boost, TDD, XMPP and Static/Dynamic code analysis tools. I’m an experienced developer of server side VOIP solutions, able to build both high level signalling (using XMPP Jingle or SIP) and low level media transport (integrating voice/video engines like GIPS and WebRTC).

One of my favourite subjects is concurrency and solving concurrency problems in existing code with the use of tools like Valgrind. My expertise spans both embedded systems and high capacity server-side applications that handle real-time voice streams. Besides C++ I’ve also started exploring the cool but complex world of Erlang.

You can contact me via: