Informit: Interview with C++ Author Nicolai Josuttis

An interesting interview with Nicolai Josuttis (of “The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference” fame) can be found here:

Well that was not something I’d expect from a “famous” guy like Nicolai. I very much enjoyed the first edition of the book but I will be a bit sceptical to buy this updated version. While I have no doubt that the writer is able to understand all the additions in C++11 just by experimenting and write a decent book about it, I’m not sure if it will contain the most practical advice due to his lack of real-world use of these features.

However, one thing that echoes from the interview and resonates quite well with me is that overall the language is improving in big steps, it is also growing more complicated and complicated with each new version. The design-by-committee approach is leaving us with a specification that only a few persons on the planet can actually keep in their head and use. Hiding new stuff behind slightly-changed operators and other gimmicks decrease the readability of code and makes you wonder what hidden features they added this time that can and will bite you in the ass :)

I love C++ but it’s obviously getting so complicated that even a well-known expert like Nicolai is having problems following it all. On the other hand, it provides a lot of fun exploration for programmers like me so I’m off to play with the new features :)