Need a graphical diff tool? Try Meld!

When I still ran Windows, I used ‘beyond compare’ a lot for directory and file comparisons. For working with SVN the tortoise SVN diff viewer was my preferred choice.

On Linux, I eventually settled for ‘kdiff3’ but it’s a quirky program that complicates things very badly. There is merge support in there but it’s pretty horrible. For SVN, I used eclipse (since I’m already using CDT anyway) and that’s pretty good!

In my search for a directory/fill new tool, I stumled upon ‘Meld’ ( It provides 2-way or 3-way file and directory diffs and as a bonus it can also diff against a VCS. It’s clean, simple and no-nonsense. The merging functionality is easy to use and looks a lot like the Eclipse one. Highly recommended!